In Other Words...

That's (Kind Of) Amore

*Is nothing sacred? Now Wes and Hobbie have abducted Dean-O and Sinatra's "That's Amore"
*Please note the disclaimers following the song.*

Cantina Patrons:
Oh, what a scene.
They've found a stage
Please! Someone try. . .
They're going to sing. . .

When there're stars in her eyes 'cause you're a strong handsome guy, That's Amore.

When you tell her you fly and she's glued to your side,
That's Amore.

Girls walk by. . . Oh, my my, oh my my, and I say

Then I say. . .

Wes, interrupting:
Then they start to run away--start to run away
'Cause you really smell-a!

When the lum hits your face like the coldness of space,
That's Amore.

When the world starts to spin 'cause you're kicked in the shin,
You're in love.

When you dance with a dream, then you realize she's more a
rancor-e. . .
"'Scusa me, but you see, we've been called to a brief!"
No more amore!

Cantina Patrons (in a vain attempt to drown them out):
When there're stars in her eyes 'cause you're a strong handsome guy
That's Amore?

That's Amore!

When she's glued to your side 'cause you told her you fly,
That's Amore?

That's Amore.

Girls walk by.
Then he starts to sigh.
Then he starts to cry,
More like he yells,
"Here's your fella!"
"Here's your fel--here's your fella."

hearts will play
tippy tippy tay
tippy tippy tay
like a gay tarantella
lucky fella

When the stars make you drool just like pasta fazoul, that's amore
(that's amore)
when you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet,
you're in love.

when you walk....
in a dream....
but you know you're not dreaming, signore.
'scusa me, but you see back in old napoli that's amore
That's amore!

May 22, 2003


As always, this parody intends no copywrite infringement on the Rat Pack, et al.

Second, the song was written according to the original "That's Amore" duet. If you would like to hear my copy, please contact me at,and we will arrange a file transfer.

Lastly, this is basically kind of a "Wes and Hobbie drunk and onstage" situation... obviously. Is anyone really surprised that the situation deteriorated into cheap insults and a quick getaway?

Thanks! Hope you liked it!


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