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Eerie Parallels


Okay, ya'll . . . I've got two papers due tomorrow, and it's 10:00 now, so this will have to be short and sweet. Why am I even writing this? Because I can't keep ANYTHING to myself when it comes to canons.

Anyway, as everyone hopefully knows, ROTJ is on Fox tonight. ESB was on Fox last week. Last week I was working and missed all but the last 30 minutes. (missed the Rogues! OH MAN! Bitterness.)

I immediately wanted to go back and rewatch it. Totally uncontrollable craving.... totally impossible. You see, my family owns one set of the Trilogy. Or, more correctly, my little brother owns one set of the Trilogy. The movies of course managed to sneak into my video box when I moved into my apartment at school this year-- my brother is very cool--but at Christmas an earnest request was made by two beseeching siblings that they be returned. What can I say--I'm a good big sister.... or a major pushover.

My point? No movies. Unhappiness.


I LOVE WEDGE. AND ACKBAR. *SIGH* My boys are out there. . . oh, now we're back to Luke... and he's probably not going to lose this time, either. Stupid Luke.

Where was I? Unhappiness? Right. So, I resolved to tape ROTJ this week. Putting me at the precise point where Edallia began--wearing out a VHS of Lucas' cheesist ending.

I love this movie. I really, really do. I know that a lot of the time it seems like nothing in this universe really meets with my approval, and a lot of the times it doesn't.

I just have high standards.

Every time I watch TOT, I am amazed all over again. How cool is it that Leia--the one that gets shot and wears that HIDEOUS Ewok gown (where did the Ewoks get it, anyway?) is Padme Amidala's daughter? And that that guy in black is little Anakin Skywalker, winner of the Boonta Eve Pod Race. And that these pilots that we see are just a fraction of the greater scheme of things--things like Gus Treta station, and the Imperial Academy (at Presvbelt IV, of course), and, of course, people like Wes, Tycho, Ibtisam, and Nrin.

This is amazing in a spine-tingling, goose-bumpy way. Just watching makes me laugh out loud and feel warm and fuzzy. Edallia was right--there IS a magic to these movies that transcends the film and actors and redwood forests (not quite sure if it transcends the little bears--can't get too carried away, you know).

So I'll leave you now, to remember or to watch or to laugh at my cheesiness, whatever.

But as always, thanks for visiting, and thanks for sharing such a wonderful part of the world with me.


And that, my friends, is. . .

Canon According to Ali.


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