Homey G's
Jiggy Picture Page

Yo! Word up! I'm Homey G, here to showcase my fine skills at photography... My model?? None other than everybody's favorite, Lizzie, the supermod who's been taking the world by storm. So, hang here and chill a minute while you appreciate my finesse with a camera and her chillin new do. (Not to mention that bright red dress and those dope jammies)

Liz chills with Murrie
Lizzie reclines with Murrie, the camera lovin' cat.

Another Murrie shot
Awww... what more can I say?

Lizzie was a difficult model... always wanting to chatter instead of pose...
"Yes, Mom... Homey's pics will help my career."

Smirking Lizzie
Strike that pose, girl! Lemme see that famous smirk!

Chatting with the regulars
During a break in shooting, Lizzie indulges herself with "Reasonably Intellegent Conversation"

Yea, yea... I know what you're wondering... who managed to capture all these chilly shots on... er... digital film?? That be me, your homey g, hanging with my fly new laptop, MD.

Homey G