Quotes for Discussion


"A freeman is one who is master of his own time and action. . . to submit to a blow would be degrading to a freeman because he is the protector of himself. But it is not degrading to a slave--neither is it to a woman."
"What is the foundation of the bold dogma so confidently announced? Females are human and rational beings. They may be found. . . better qualified to exercise political privileges and to attain t he distinctions of society than many men; yet who complains of the order of society by which they are excluded from them?"
"The alternative to submission is exploitation, not freedom, because there is no true freedom in anarchy. The purpose of submission is not to degrade women in marriage, nor to degrade men in society, but to bring to them their best prosperity and peace under God's order. It is set in a context of submission by men to authority; in such a world, men teach the principles of authority to their sons and daughters and work to instill in them the responsibilities of authority and obedience. In a world of moral anarchy, there is neither submission to authorit y nor service, which is a form of submission. A husband and father who uses his authority and his income wisely to further the welfare of the entire family is serving the welfare of all thereby. But in a world which denies submission and authority, every m an serves himself only and seeks to exploit all others."
"Marriage and motherhood have their trials and tribulations, but what lifestyle doesn't? If you look upon your home as a cage, you will find yourself just as imprisoned in an office or a factory. The flight from the home is a flight from self, from responsibility, from the nature of woman, in pursuit of false hopes and fading fantasies. If you complain about servitude to a husband, servitude to a boss will be more intolerable. Everyone in the world has a boss of some kind. It is easier for most women to achieve a harmonious working relationship with a husband than with a foreman or supervisor."
"Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it."