Asyr and Gavin

"What do you mean, it disappeared?"

Gavin Darklighter wondered for the millionth time why he had accepted training duty. He hated babysitting new pilots.

"Uh, well, sir, my charts just blanked off. I went to clear the screen, and suddenly the whole nav system goes down."

"Can you reload from you astromech, Six?"

"Uhmm, no. He says that the problem is hardware, sir."

Gavin groaned. They were in a part of space that had even less contact with the outside world than his native Tatooine. He switched his comm over to the private channel he shared with his astromech.

"Jawaswag, if he's lost his nav we're going to have to cut out of hyperspace. Get me a list of the closest possible landings."

The battered R2 unit, a veteran of many battles, chattered briefly, then displayed a list of seven settlements. Gavin scanned them for a moment, then chose the closest one actually allied with the New Republic. He flipped the comm back over to the squadron channel.

"Okay, team, here's how we're gonna do it. On my mark, cut to sublight and set down on Vega IV. Your astromechs are recieving coordinates now."

He glanced at his chrono.

"Three, two, one... mark. Cut to sublight now."

Fifteen minutes later, the Krayt Dragon training squadron was settled on the planet for repairs. Vega IV was, as Gavin quickly learned, the largest isolated Bothan settlement outside of New Republic space.