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"If you want to go by numbers and survivability, of course, there's only one pilot who has survived two Death Star runs. From that perspective, Wedge Antilles is the best pilot ever."

~Wes Janson

Wraith Squadron

The Great One himself. What, you can't get enough of him either?

Wedge Antilles, AKA "The Great One"

The Leaders

Yoda calls upon the Force.The commander of the Alliance military forces

For my fellow Pajamahead

Palpatine in his only good action.

Witness the power of the Emperor as he TOASTS Luke Skywhiner"

The Pilots and Their Ships

Gavin's Cousin

Biggs Darklighter, Red Squadron, K. Yavin IV DSR

Captain Tycho Celchu

Assumed to be Captain Tycho Celchu, before his defection to the Rebellion

Discouraged by the poor selection?? Don't be. More will be added as my frantic schedule permits.

Fly hard...you might end up a y-wing pilot.

And of course, there's Commander Ali...