Imperial Notes

From the desk of Jag Fel:


*Asyr's note: I had sent a copy of my Canon, The Truth, out to Jag to preview. His response impressed me so much I had to post it. Only took me four months to get to it, too. Man, am I good or what!*



Very nice, Asyr. I have to agree.


The only problem is that identifying the legal aspect of canon doesn't make clonetroopers go away. I've rationalized it this way; geeks argue canon. People like you and I adapt. As soon as I heard the word clonetrooper, I wasn't up in arms about George Lucas, I was delving back through the Thrawn series to make the puzzle peices fall into place in my mind. For example, you and I, on our first meeting, discused the existence of Carida as well as cloning facilities (EU v. Movies). I told you that I figured that during the course of the wars, the Empire needed more soldiers to suplement their clone army. This, perhaps, never crossed the minds of any of the authors or screenwrites, but in my mind, it created a rational bridge upon which my perception of the galaxy rested.

That is essentially my point right there. It's MY perception of the galaxy that matters. You and I ran into each other on two diffrent occasions because we have similar views on how the Universe should be, a decidedly grittier, more real, more military universe. We can't help it, we're Rogues. Other people have other perceptions. That's cool, too.

Remember, Asyr, if Georgie Boy decided what was canon, you and I might not even like Star Wars, because everybody would be running around levitating rocks.

The quest for one, definitive canon will never be attained. And I like it that way. When Episode Three comes out and reaches a crescendo with some weird 6th Sense ending (Palpatine was really a ghost!!) I will smile, nod, and set to work stomping that square peg into my Wedge shaped hole (that came out wrong). Wedge will still be a badass nerdkid, Tycho will still be a pimp, and Wes will still be my alter ego. ( I'd say something about Mirax, but I'm trying to keep this PG-13).