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The Presses!


Whoa, ya'll. Something new just happened. I, Asyrseilar, being of relatively sound mind and body, am telling you to haul your weary bums in a big way over to the official site. (Yup, I mean ye olde Something big time cool is going on.

Pablo Hidalgo is quickly rising in the list of my favorite people. A while back (has it been a few years yet?) he left the world of private megasites (Echo Station, particularly) in favor of .com.... and I mourned the loss of one of the true fans.

'Cept, I noticed, the site got GOOD. Really, really quick.

So I forgave him and gave him full and unabashed credit for redeeming our official site, the masthead of SW fandom. (Yes, I did. Don't roll your eyes.)

Today I found the Holonet. ( While I prefer to believe that this simply confirms my theory that Lucas was long ago contacted by the Outbound Flight Project (extra-galactic Jedi explorers), the more earthly explanation is that the crew over there (Pablo being the name that popped out at me), has cooked up something exceptional.

This site has it all, folks. Sports, Living, Regional, Business.... Movie Ads! I am totally and completely blown away by the sheer amounts of work that must go into it. It looks way, way too close to being real. So what are you doing still reading? Go! Play! Get the galactic update, then get your bum back here!

No, seriously. Go support this site.

(By the way, does anyone else think that we need some hardcore Celchu contacts on the Holonet site? And how about a comic section!!! Please?)

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