Psych 101


Rogue Sqadron for Dummies


Today's a big day for Go Rogue. I finally finished "Memories" (if you haven't read it yet, go do so immediately). I also updated the F.A.Q. and played with editing the Canons, but my compelling reason for writing this essay is to clarify my underlying assumptions about the relationships between the Core Four (Wedge, Tycho, Hobbie, and Wes for those recovering from major life events like birth, complete amnesia, or extended chocolate deprivation).

Being neither a Psychology nor an English major, I've chosen to organize this in a way that makes sense to me (and likely me alone... ). Anyway, I'll do my evaluation of each man's individual personality, then I'll go through how they interact with each other. Please, if you would like to add ideas, let me know, because I certainly need all the help I can get.


Ok, here we go, Rogue Squadron 101.....

Wedge Antilles:

Oddly enough, I find myself struggling to put Wedge into words. I suppose the closest I can coherently come is "So what?" He's the most elite pilot of a group of elite pilots, and thus commander, has survived every major event in the galactic history (the canon status of TPM is still pending), and yet he rarely has a display of arrogance, pulling rank, or bad temper. The guy is the Opie Taylor of the New Republic. He's a good manager, a good (if unelegant) planner, and the most loyal of friends. Best of all, he's very good at letting trusted others take the initiative. As Lizzie says, "The epitome of an effective leader."

Tycho Celchu:

Tycho's fun to analyze because he's the only character to have actually evolved over the course of the comics/novels. On a very basic level, he's an intensely private person who sees what he does as a duty. The Empire is bad, he can fly, therefore it's his duty to fly against the Empire. Tycho is totally committed to anything he does. Analytical and aristocratic, he's become very good at containing his emotions to the point of seeming cold. Superficially, once he's comfortable with a person, and has accepted them as a friend, you'll see Tycho having fun. One other thing: Tycho's criteria for just about everything are extremely idiosyncratic. Who he likes, trusts, or flies with are subject to an elaborate set of specifications. Thus, while it's obvious that Corran doesn't trust him, Tycho chooses to confide his story to the diminutive lieutenant.

(Oops, I think I just got in trouble. Lizzie, that's the last Corran dig today, I swear. He's just such a FUN target!)

Lizzie's notes: Tycho has an underlying need to be accepted and trusted by those he respects, and gears his actions towards that end. She also mentions that much of the "Tych-meister's" current personality is due to the imprisionment he endured, which changed him from a happy-go-lucky pilot to the somber, thoughtful officer we know and love.


Hobbie Klivian:

Hobbie is the least developed of the Core Four. We know that he attended the Naval Academy, was assigned to the Rand Ecliptic with Biggs Darklighter, with whom he planned and exectued the theft of the ship and defection to the Rebels. He's been with the Rogues since they were formed, so he's an important part of the group and plays a role in anything that happens, but we see relatively little interaction between him and the others. Well, with the possible exception of Janson, but that'll be covered later. It's my not-so-humble opinion that part of the reason he's been so ignored in the books is that he's so difficult to write. Lieutenant Klivian plays an important role in my fanfic, and I've had a very hard time with him. He's another intensely private, introverted character, which I believe led Allston to label him "mournful" in exasperation.

Lizzie's notes: Although Hobbie's frequently used for comic relief, he stays good natured (if a little pouty) about it. In her expert opinion, he was often teased as a child, something that made this very perceptive individual aware of the importance of inter-group politics and allowed him to be a "fly on the wall" figure.


Wes Janson:

If Hobbie is the least developed character, Wes has the least known about him. Actually, I can sum it up in one line.

He's from Tanaab. He flew with Porkins in the Yellow Aces. His first kill was a Rebel.

Anyway, Janson's the official group extrovert, I suppose. Gifted with a quick wit, a merry nature, and steely determination, Wes considers himself responsible for keeping Wedge from, well, being Wedge. Life isn't all fun and games for the lieutenant, though. He takes his responsibilities with a deadly tenacity. In reading over this segment, I've realized just how cheezy it sounds. Cut me a little slack, I've got two midterms this week, and I swear that I'll immediately move on to interpersonal relationships, ok?

Lizzie's notes: He's Maverick--the good looking chick magnet (with worm hair), although he doesn't take stupid risks. Wes also makes people feel comfortable around him be placing himself as comic relief in many situations.



These two make the very best of wingmen. Wedge trusts Tycho implicitly, and Tycho is comfortable with Wedge being in command. Years of experience have allowed Tycho to anticipate Wedge's actions in battle and in planning.


When Wedge leaves Tycho and Hobbie in command of the Rogues, he