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The Basics:

Name: Tycho Celchu (The Doleful One)

Species: Human

Homeworld: Alderaan

Group Affiliation: Rogue Squadron

Length of Involvement with the Rogues: Pre-Hoth through the New Jedi Order

Last Known Rank: Colonel, Retired

Last Known Status: Serving (once again) as a traffic cop during a crucial battle situation.

First and Last Appearance: XWRS "Rebel Opposition"--NJO Ruin


The Cool Stuff:

Physical Description: From SoA: "He was a lean man, blond, graying in dignified fashion at the temples, with handsome features and an aristocrat's bearing. The perfection of his looks might have made him appear severe, even cruel, in earlier years, but the beatings life had handed him. . . had weathered him in spirit if not in form. Now, he still looked in every way the cold aristocrat. . . until one looked in his eyes and saw the humanity and the signs of distant pain there." (See below for image.)

Brief History: Tycho was the son of a prominent Alderaanian businessman. He graduated from the Imperial Naval Academy a few years later than Biggs Darklighter. After graduation, he was assigned to he Star Destroyer Accuser. On his birthday, he was speaking to his family via the HoloNet when the transmission was cut off. He later discovered that Alderaan had been destroyed by the Death Star. He defected at the next planet, Commenor, and joined the Rebellion in time for the evacuation of Hoth as a Rogue. During the battle of Endor, he flew a Cardooinian A-Wing and led the TIE's through the Death Star. Later, he volunteered to fly a modified TIE into Coruscant, was captured by Iceheart, and imprisoned on Lusankya. He escaped from the Akrit'tar prison complex and returned to the New Republic, where he was suspected of being a brain-washed Imperial agent. For this reason, he was subject to many restrictions for a time, including the inability to fly a fighter and removal from combat situations. When Wedge Antilles left to form Wraith Squadron, Tycho assumed command of the Rogues.

Friends: Wedge Antilles, Lady Winter

Enemies: Gen. Horton Salm (resolved), Leonia Tavira, Ysanne Isard

Agendas: Tycho is the orginal master of short-term goal setting. He is completely committed to his current agenda, whether it be the destruction of a Death Star, a late-night planning session with Wedge, or wooing the lovely Winter.

Psychoses: Astonishingly enough, remarkably well-adjusted.

Piloting Skills: Core Four

Battle Contributions: Second-guessing Wedge. Tycho is his wingmate in the best sense of the term. Wedge truly relies on Tycho as a sounding board and fine-tuner.

Miscellaneous: Prior to his imprisonment (in the XWRS comics), Tycho was volatile, dedicated, and light- hearted. After his return, he became quieter, more thoughtful, and decidedly more stable. He does not have as firm a grasp of tactics as Wedge, but is nonetheless a superior pilot and a great asset to the New Republic.



Members of Rogue Squadron:

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