Erisi Dlarit

Home Planet: Thyferra

Affiliation: Alliance/Imperial

Rank: Flight Officer

Unit: Rogue Squadron/THDC Elite Squadron


Erisi Dlarit was chosen to join Rogue Squadron during the rebuilding phase leading up to the conquest of Coruscant. A Thyferran from the powerful Xucphra faction, the bacta heiress was assigned primarily for political reasons, but her piloting skills were exceptional.

Erisi served as Rhysati Ynr's wingmate throughout the Courscant campain. She was forced EV during the first attack on "Blackmoon," keeping her out of that planet's conquest. She was inserted into Coruscant with Corran Horn in the guise of a Kuati tourist and her telbun.

Erisi fled the New Republic when the SSD Lusankya blasted out of Coruscant. She coordinated the Thyferran Home Defense Corps pilots for Ysanne Isard, ultimately dying in the battle of Thyferra.

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