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The Basics:

Name: Derek "Hobbie" Klivian (Hobbie Klivan, The Dour One)

Species: Human

Homeworld: Ralltiir

Group Affiliation: Rogue Squadron

Length of Involvement with the Rogues: Pre-Hoth through the New Jedi Order

Last Known Rank: Major, Retired

Last Known Status: At last update, Threepio was searching for Hobbie--Leia requested that the pilot keep an eye on grieving Han after Chewie's death.

First and Last Appearance: ESB--Starfighters of Adumar


The Cool Stuff:

Physical Description: From SoA: "He was lean, with dark hair and a face best suited to wearing [ed.'s note: GAG!] MOURNFUL expressions."

Brief History: Hobbie attended the Imperial Naval Academy with Biggs Darklighter, was later stationed on the Rand Ecliptic, where he aided in the mutiny Biggs began. Served in the Ecliptic Evaders, then transferred to Rogue Squadron after it's formation. He acted as Zev's gunner on Hoth. Hobbie was killed on Hoth in the ESB novelization, but this is not supported by either the books or the XWRS comics. Assigned to training duty with Wes Janson during the reconstruction of the Rogues, he returned after events in The Bacta War. When Wedge formed Wraith Squadron, Hobbie stayed to serve as Tycho Celchu's second-in-command.

Hobbie also has the distinction, along with Wes Janson, of being the only Rogues mentioned by name in the original Timothy Zahn trilogy.

Friends: Wedge Antilles, Tycho Celchu

Enemies: None

Agendas: n/a

Psychoses: n/a

Piloting Skills: Core Four

Battle Contributions: Hobbie generally appears in a battle when one of the other characters is in trouble, and therefore cannot handle his share of TIEs. He also has an uncanny knack for throwing in a scream when the situation calls for one.

Miscellaneous: Hobbie is legendary for his perpetually mournful face, and in the "Rogue Squadron" game is said to be quiet and responsible. This is not so in the novels. Although rarely the instigator, he is always ready to participate in the pilots' escapades, and is famous for his dry humor. His thoroughness when planning missions helps keep pilots alive, because his conservative attitude prevents the more imaginative Rogues from being carried away.



Members of Rogue Squadron:

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