Bror Jace

Home Planet: Thyferra

Affiliation: New Republic/Thyferran Home Defense Corps

Rank: Lieutenant

Unit: Rogue Squadron


Bror Jace was appointed to Rogue Squadron prior to the Coruscant campaign. A Thyferran, Jace is from the powerful Zaltin faction. Early establishing himself as a superior pilot, his well-known rivalry with Corran Horn incited both men to perform exceptionally during the attacks on Borleais. Following the planet's capture, Jace was summoned home; his x-wing was attacked en route and he was reported dead.

Contact with the Ashern rebels during the Bacta War revealed to the Rogues that Jace had survived the ambush. He aided in the Battle of Thyferra and assumed control of the Thyferran Home Defense Corps after that planet's alliance with the New Republic.

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