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The Basics:

Name: Wes Janson (The Darling One)

Species: Human

Homeworld: Tanaab

Group Affiliation: Rogue Squadron, Wraith Squadron

Length of Involvement with the Rogues: Pre-Hoth through the New Jedi Order

Last Known Rank: Major, Retired

Last Known Status: Retired and dismissing the Vong

First and Last Appearance: ESB--Starfighters of Adumar


The Cool Stuff:

Physical Description: From SoA: "Like Wedge and a majority of other successful fighter pilots, he was a few centimeters short of average height, but Janson was unusually broad in the shoulders, and endowed with a body that showed muscle after only light exercise and was not inclined to fat. His hair was a rich brown, and his merry features were not just handsome but preternatually youthful; he was now in his thirties but could pass for ten years younger."

Brief History: Wes Janson served in the Tierfon Yellow Aces with such pilots as Jek "Piggy" Porkins and Tomer Darpen before switching to X-Wings and joining the Rogues. He is seen in ESB (look for the distinctive yellow checked helmet of Wedge's gunner in the battle of Hoth). As a key player in the XWRS series, Janson was "retired" at the beginning of the novels by Stackpole's assigning both him and Hobbie to training duty, but was revived when Allston began the Wraith trilogy. Wes followed Wedge to the new squad as second-in-command, but was soon challenged by the presence of Kell Tainer, a young pilot whose father (a fellow Yellow Ace) Janson had been forced to shoot down (his first kill). Janson's key contribution during this period was the invention of Lieutenant Kettch, a supposed Ewok pilot whose trademark "Yub-yub" quickly became a catchphrase for the pilots. He remained with the Wraiths when Wedge assumed command of the combined groups, although he presumably transferred back at an undisclosed time. Janson was chosen for the diplomatic mission to Adumar, where his hand-to-hand combat skills were repeatedly tested. Wes did attend the Jade/Skywalker wedding, although that was the last time he was officially mentioned as an active pilot.

Janson also has the distinction, along with Hobbie Klivian, of being the only Rogues mentioned by name in the original Timothy Zahn trilogy.

Friends: Hobbie Klivian, Wedge Antilles

Enemies: Kell Tainer (resolved)

Agendas: At last update, Janson was focused on enjoying life as much as possible, as well as ensuring that his friends enjoyed theirs, also.

Psychoses: Janson is suspicious of "converted" Imperials. He also has some difficulty reconciling his essentially warlike skills with his desire for peace.

Piloting Skills: Core Four

Battle Contributions: Expert Marksmanship, Gunnery Systems, Hand-to-Hand Combat

Miscellaneous: Wes is a formidable foe in battle, fearless and tenacious, but when among friends he is known for his light-hearted nature and love of practical jokes. He considers it his personal responsibility to keep Wedge from taking himself too seriously.




Members of Rogue Squadron:

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