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The Basics:

Name: Nawara Ven (Nawar'aven)

Species: Twi'lek

Homeworld: Ryloth

Group Affiliation: Rogue Squadron

Length of Involvement with the Rogues: Rebuilding--Retirement (post Solo Command)

Last Known Rank: Captain

Last Known Status: Retired Rogue Squadron XO

First and Last Appearance: Rogue Squadron--Solo Command


The Cool Stuff:

Physical Description: Due to Mr. Stackpole's reluctance to put his descriptions in one place, we have bits and pieces... Nawara is a gray-skinned Twi'lek with the red eyes and sharp, pegged teeth characteristic of Ryloth natives.

Brief History: Nawara was a lawyer on Ryloth before becoming frustrated with Imperial discrimination in the judicial system. He joined the Rebellion and was chosen for the rebuilt Rogue Squadron. There he become close to fellow Rogue Rhysati Ynr, a Bespin native. Nawara's skills as a speaker were vitally important during the Coruscant campaign, when Gavin Darklighter was accused of bigotry by Asyr Sei'lar and the Alien Combine. During the trial of Tycho Celchu for murder and treason, Nawara acted as defense attorney. As a pilot, Nawara was forced EV several times, most notably in the final battle of the Bacta War. While extravehicular, a micrometeorite severed the lower portion of his leg. Because of an incomplete adaption to the prosthesis, he is unable to fly in combat but remains the squadron's executive officer.

When events in the Zsinj campaign forced all members of the Twi'lek species to be removed from duty, Nawara characteristically remained cool-headed, aiding Wraith Squadron in their attempt to discover the details of Zsinj's Project Minefield as well as spearheading Dr. Gast's negotiations with the New Republic.

Friends: Rhysati Ynr, Corran Horn, Ooryl Qrygg.

Enemies: Edda Gast

Agendas: Justice for all beings in the galaxy--alien or otherwise.

Psychoses: No Known

Piloting Skills: Rogue Material

Battle Contributions: Skilled negotiator, squadron legal counsel.

Miscellaneous: Nawara Ven is a member of the Ven clan of Ryloth. Ven, meaning silver, and Nawara, meaning speaker or tongue, would usually be pronounced as Nawara'ven on the planet, but due to peculiarities in the Twi'lek language, it would translate to "Tarnished Silver." Therefore, when he returns to his homeworld he is known as Nawar'aven, preserving the true meaning of his name.



Members of Rogue Squadron:

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