Ooryl Qrygg

Home Planet: Gand

Affiliation: New Republic

Rank: Lieutenant

Unit: Rogue Squadron


Ooryl Qrygg was assigned to Rogue Squadron prior to the Coruscant Campaign. He was forced EV during the first Battle for Borleias; his injury prevented him from participating in the second.

Ooryl's actions in the Battle of Coruscant allowed Rogue Squadron to complete their mission. After finding the computer center flooded with poisonous gas, the pilot secured breathing masks for the other members of the slicing team, ensuring that the shields could be taken offline.

Lieutenant Qrygg was reviewed by his fellow Gands during the Bacta War, then chosen to be a reutsavi (I'll check that spelling later), giving him the distinction of using the pronoung "I." He later became a Findsman, leading Luke Skywalker to Corran Horn's rescue during the campaign against the Invidious.

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