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The Basics:

Name: Plourr Ilo (Isplourdacartha Ilo)

Species: Human

Homeworld: Eiattu

Group Affiliation: Rogue Squadron

Length of Involvement with the Rogues: Post-Endor through the Sate Pestage/Hegemony conflict.

Last Known Rank: Flight Officer

Last Known Status: Ruler of Eiattu

First and Last Appearance: Rebel Opposition #1 - Mandatory Retirement #4


The Cool Stuff:

Physical Description: See below for image.

Brief History: Raised as a princess on Eiattu, Plourr was forced to flee after a Priamstra uprising that killed her family. Years later, she joined Rogue Squadron. When she was found by the nobles, Rogue Squadron accompanied her to Eiattu, where she was restored to her rank. With the aid of her betrothed, Count Rial Pernon, as well as the squadron, she thwarted an evil plot by Leonia Tavira, who then fled the planet. Plourr retired from the squadron, but returned and flew on occasions of great need or greater boredom.

Friends: Xarcee Huwla, Wes Janson

Enemies: Priamstra

Agendas: Kill/maim/incapacitate the enemy with the greatest possible pain.

Psychoses: Plourr watched her family die, and was then forced to kill her evil brother, Harran, before escaping.

Piloting Skills: Legendary

Battle Contributions: Plourr's formidable piloting skills are mirrored by her hand-to-hand combat excellence as well as a quick wit and quicker temper.

Miscellaneous: Plourr kicks butt. While no more need be said, I should also mention that she is the object of Hobbie's ongoing crush. Unfortunately, this often makes Hobbie the focus of her sharp sarcasm.


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Members of Rogue Squadron:

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