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Previously, in Memories...

      Wedge Antilles stared for a moment, then shook his head slowly.

      "Apparently I underestimated my problems. I'm going to have to do this with a group of lunatics."

      Tycho grinned at the memory. Although each promotion had been fought tooth and nail, Wedge had succeeded in becoming the premier starfighter pilot in the Rebellion. He, and the Rogues, had somehow scraped together enough respectability that when the second Death Star came, it was to Captain Antilles Admiral Ackbar had turned. Tycho remembered the day clearly.


      Wedge entered the briefing room slowly, as if reluctant to share his news with the other pilots of Rogue Squadron. A few hours before, he'd been summoned to Home One without warning, and the tension had increased exponentially each moment he'd been gone. Speculation had been rampant, the older members wondering if a base evactuation was emminent, or if what they'd feared most had finally happened. The newer pilots had argued that it could be a guardian mission... escorting the Provisional Council or some other noteworthy. A few had gone so far as to speculate the Rebellion's surrender.

     That had created instant chaos in the lounge, with Janson pointing out the success of the Rebels' hit-and-hide technique, Hobbie protesting that there were too many people who would die for their involvement, including each pilot in the squadron, and the new Mon Cal, Bhetar, quietly reminding them of the evil of the Empire's slavery system. The clamour had continued until a comm buzzer had instructed them to report immediately to Briefing Room 12-C. They'd waited only a few moments for Wedge. He inserted a card into the battered projection console, then turned to face the assembled pilots.

     When he spoke, his voice was heavy and precise.

     "Rogues, we are currently in transit to the Sullust system. When we get there, we will position our x-wings in a defensive screen around the Mon Cal cruisers. We will then jump in formation to this point," he indicated a tiny moon, "Endor. There, we will ambush the Emperor while he is abord a second Death Star."

     Whatever reaction he'd been expecting hadn't happened. Aside from a sudden intake of breath, no one said a word. He continued on with the briefing, feeling the slightest flicker of hope in his stomach. Maybe, just maybe, this time they were ready for it.what was coming.

     "And that's it. We wait for the shields to come down, then we go straight for the main reactor core. You have eighteen hours to Sullust. Hobbie, Janson, Tycho, I want to see you. The rest of you are dismissed."

     The more experienced pilots waited as the others filed out. "What's up, boss?" Hobbie said at last.

     Wedge relaxed a little, then frowned. "Ackbar wants to spread us out a little. I'm commanding Red Wing, and I'll have the rest of the Rogues with me. You and Janson, though, have been sent over to Blue Wing. They're inexperienced and could use you two to anchor them. You've been flying as a pair for the last couple of months, so I kept it that way."

     The two men nodded. Tycho looked confused. "Boss, I've been flying with Bhetar... where are we going?"

     Wedge took a deep breath. "This won't be easy. Only two of us survived the last Death Star. It's going to be dirty out there, and I'll need someone I can trust on my wing. Bhetar will fly with Kenser, and you'll be with me. Is your x-wing still down?" At Tycho's nod, he looked thoughtful. "I've got two extra ships at my disposal. There's a B-Wing and an A-Wing. It's your choice, of course, but I'd go with the speed for this one. It's good to have you on my wing, Tycho. You're one of us."