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Paging All Wraiths,

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Ok, hope you guys aren't sick of The Wraith Conspiracy yet, cuz here's one more screaming fit to add to the stack.

Michael Stackpole is a wonderful man. He has many, many weaknesses (like Montezuma's... er... Isard's Revenge), but all in all, he's done more for the Rogues than any other author out there (wow... got a little heavy on the assonance, I think). Words can not describe my disgust at their letting Aaron Allston take over the series after The Bacta War. After all, he had a bit of a tough act to follow. Needless to say, I was dead wrong. He succeeded admirably.

Allston gave us a collection of pilots that were fresh (no Jedi!), believable (even Kettch), and above all, entertaining (Yub-Yub). Over the course of his novels, I stopped reading Face Loran's scenes with one eye closed (I was terrified of a Wedge Antilles clone), and I even realized that Kell did NOT equal Corran, an event that I still praise whenever given the opportunity. Lizzie even found her alter ego, Edallia Monotheer. Cool, huh.

And then they were gone, leaving a plethora, a veritable smorgasbord even, of story lines to clean up. GOODY, CAMEOS, right? No such luck, my friends. The Wraiths have been doomed to the wastelands of the galaxy. Soooo, just in case some aspiring Star Wars author comes through seeking a story that would meet my express approval... here's some ideas. Feel free to send me some of your own, too!

1. First of all, Lara/Kirney/Myn.... Will Myn give her another chance now that he's under the Rogue Squadron influence? I doubt that Wedge would mind, although Janson might make some noise about it. As long as it didn't get to a superior officer, where would be the problem........

2. Lara/Kirney would be, of course.... Can we really trust her good intentions? Sure, she managed to bring down a SSD, and she claims to be loyal to the Wraiths... but just how far does that loyalty go? Does some Imp controller still have brainwashing codes in her head? And even if she's loyal to the Wraiths... Is she loyal to the New Republic? We know that Sixtus Quinn still has problems stemming from Imp psych techniques.

3. Tyria Sarkin... Much as I hate to say it, I wouldn't much mind seeing her become a Jeedai. She's a member of a highly specialized military sect (the Rangers), which means that she's trained for defense and OFFENSE. Plus, just because she doesn't THINK she has any Force abilities... well, people have been able to do interesting things before. Also, I'd LOVE to see a sect of loyal Jedi pilots go up against Kyp's Avengers. Do we have enough for a squad yet? Lesse... Luke, Corran, Tyria, Jaina.... three to one odds will be a breeze!

4. Kettch et al... To branch off into a psychological note... Consider this: you are a super-intellegent sapient creature created in a laboratory to wreck havoc on an unsuspecting populace. You are then rescued and freed, only to discover that home, family, even your SPECIES, are rendered unavailable to you because of that intellegence. You're condemned to a future of solitude and lonliness... no mate, no children... nothing. We saw a bit of this emerging with Piggy in Solo Command, but it's definately meaty enough to deserve at least a subplot rather than a passing reference. No being can live without hope, or the search for it.

5. Intellegence... The Wraiths are GOOD at it. They fly, the fight, but most of all, they think. I'd simply like to know what they've been up to... did they attempt to infiltrate Thrawn's forces? Maybe they cuddled up to the Adumari (which was obviously a missed opportunity... HELLO~INTELLEGENCE WAS RUNNING THE SHOW... AND NO WRAITHS?)... Actually, scratch that. The Wratihs were definately NOT on Adumar. If they had been a) they would have made contact b) they would have caught on to Tomer Darpen and c) they would have flown in the Adumari Union attack... not to mention aiding the Core Four in their escape. My personal idea? (and I would love to see this area explored) They've been out in the Unknown Regions, fighting whatever war Fel has been. When the time comes, they could bring in an entire army from out there.

6. Shalla Nelprin... Her dad was a bigwig in Old Republic Intel. With all of the prequel fever going around, I can definately understand some skeletons coming out of this closet. Plus, were we seeing the beginnings of a Shalla/Piggy romance... interesting.

7.Kell.... Kell's a nerd. I prefer to see him as set dressing or a convenient person to blow things up.

8. Elassar Targon... He's too annoying to be alive... yet he survived the novel. By the unbendable rules of writing, "If you're not dog meat, you've got a secret." Let's hear it.

9. Runt... Actually, I can see him moving into an Elegos-type role, being a diplomat of some sort. This is one character I truly love, mostly because he has the ability to adapt himself to the situation. What better way to keep Fey'la guessing than to have more personalities than a protocool droid has languages? Geez, for a top-of-my-head idea, this one really intrigues me.

10. For the tenth reason, you'll have to wait for my new fanfic to come out. I'll give you a hint, though... The galaxy's in trouble, nothing the new twerps are doing is effective, and my guys are sitting around like traffic cops. Can this last? You tell me. :P

Anyhoo, that nine good reasons to include the Wraiths in the upcoming novels. Of course, this IS assuming that the new novels become CANON ACCORDING TO ALI.

(sinister laughter)







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