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Ok, I was faced with a tough decision here. Do I just compile my favorite quotes (I have a list going), should I arrange them according to chronological order or character index, or do I simply archive the quotes as they were featured on the page? Clearly, there's no right answer here, so in the interest of keeping a history I decided to go with the third option.

I don't pick the quote for any particular reason, mostly whatever strikes me when I update the page. If anyone has a compelling theory on the motivations behind my choices, I'll listen. (Or, having exhausted the schoolboys, we'll now move on to the farmboys.)



"They may be the hottest pilots going, but vaping TIEs won't Coruscant take. That's going to take an operation that will need more than snubby jocks to make it go."

~Captain Afyon, Rogue Squadron


Wedge: "I did have a message from some folks who want me to run for President of the New Republic."

Tycho: "Well, they're clearly not rational."

Wedge: "They suggested you as my running mate."

Tycho: "Rationality is so overrated in a constituency, after all."

~Mandatory Retirement

6.20.2001 "Tactic: When no other options present themselves, shoot everything in sight."

~Face Loran, Iron Fist

6.29.2001 "Did that droid just wink at me?"

~Corran Horn, Rogue Squadron


"Pirates," Piggy said, interrupting.

"Pirates to you, too," Phanan said. "Is that a new greeting? Something Gamorrean?"

"Scabrous pirates to you this morning."

"And bleeding pirates to you." Face gave his wingman a formal bow.

~ Iron Fist


"For his part, director George Lucas has justified Episode II: The Attack of the Clones, saying that it "harkens back to the sense of pure fun, imagination and excitement that characterised the classic movie serials and pulp space fantasy adventures that inspired the 'Star Wars' saga. "


"I'm flying an Imp ship against Rebels. I don't want to do that."
~Corran Horn, The Krytos Trap


"Flying against Tycho was probably the most difficult thing I'd ever done, and I had an edge in the Force. What he did, what Wedge did, without being able to use the Force made them far more special than any Jedi. They flew with their heart and brains and their entire being."
~Corran Horn, I, Jedi


"Wedge, over the last four months I've flown against--and shot down--every one of the kids you have going on this mission. So have you." Tycho let a low chuckle rumble from his throat.

"If you're too old for this, the New Republic might as well give up now. Barring a squadron of Jedi Knights winging their way in here, you're the best we've got. That may not impress you, but there are plenty of Imp pilots out there who don't sleep the whole night through because of dreams about you being on their tails."

~ Tycho Celchu, Rogue Squadron

3.25.2002 "So once again, as it had so many times before, it was all going to come down to a matter of trust. Trust in a farm kid, fresh off a backward desert world, to lead him in an attack on the first Death Star. Trust in a former high-stakes gambler, who might or might not have had any real combat experience, to lead him in an attack on the second Death Star. And now, trust in a smuggler who might just as easily betray him for the right price."

~Wedge Antilles, The Last Command

4.12.2002 Wedge:   "Politics isn't for me. Before I became a pilot, I always wanted to be an architect."

Tycho:   "C'mon, Wedge. This war has helped us develop the skills we'd need to lead a nation."

Wedge:   "Tycho, the skills we have developed run strongly toward breaking things."

~ Mandatory Retirement


The trooper gave Lando an ingratiating smile. "I'm only a noncommissioned officer, but that beats a civilian on the battlefield. We leave."

Lando grabbed him by the collar of his tunic and dragged him close. "Listen to me, bantha fodder," Lando said. "I blew up a Death Star before you were born. In twenty seconds I can conclude a conversation with General Antilles, who blew up that Death Star with me, and I'll be General Calrissian again, and you'll spend the rest of your military career cleaning refreshers on Kessel. Or you can dig. Which is it?"

The trooper looked at him for a long moment. "I guess we dig, sir."

~Rebel Dream


"The only way I can be free, truly free, is for the Empire to be destroyed. I know, as it falls apart, someone somewhere will have the information that will set me free."

"And if they don't?"

Tycho cracked a smile. "You figured out a plan to take Coruscant from the Empire. Springing a friend from prison shouldn't be that hard for you to manage."

~Tycho Celchu and Wedge Antilles
The Krytos Trap


"The boys are striding around in triumph. 'Nuff said. Oh, what the hell, let's indulge in a flight of Rogue-ish fancy, shall we?

Picture this. . .

The battle's been raging on for hours. Our intrepid heroes, working on little sleep and scant preparation time, have been on the front lines since the beginning. The odds are against them, as always. It's taking every ounce of skill, dedication, and teamwork they possess to keep their squadron together and keep taking down the enemy without being taken down themselves.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the tide turns. Our boys are driving them back. Finally, beaten, the enemy withdraws, leaving four X-wings in seamless formation gliding gracefully back to the ship. The four that went out together silently fly back in. It seems almost an anticlimax. They land their battle-scarred fighters in the hangar bay, a mindless routine they've done a thousand times before, their minds, numb with fatigue, taking a backseat as their instincts take over and guide them back home.

They carefully crawl from their cockpits and descend to the hangar deck, longing only for rest, for food, for a long, hot shower. The crowd of technicians, mechanics, and officers parts, makes way for them, forms a warm column of welcome and support on either side of the four men walking abreast. The observers take in the four weary, sweat-soaked pilots. Their hair is plastered to their foreheads. Their helmets, held at their sides, reflect the harsh lighting of the hangar bay. Each man wears an expression of utter exhaustion.

None of the men are unusually handsome, tall, or imposing. They seem quite ordinary. But as the four make their way across the bay, side by side, something extraordinary happens. The gathering crowd breaks into applause. The applause turns into raucous cheering. The others reach in to shake the pilots' hands, to slap them on the back, to congratulate them on a job well done. And suddenly the weary pilots don't feel the fatigue, or the sweat, or the disillusionment of war. They begin to smile, to laugh, to reach back to those reaching out to them. These four have done something special today, as they have on countless other days in the service of their cause. Others recognize it. The four pilots recognize it. Side by side, the four stride triumphantly across the bay. Those they leave in their wake know that they have just glimpsed the best of the best."

~Edallia Monotheer
Liner notes to "The Official Rogue Squadron Soundtrack"


"Wes and Hobbie have been overly amorous, even for X-Wing pilots. Nrin let himself get suckered into a fistfight. Dllr's got some kind of jungle symphony playing between his ears. . . and this morning, Tycho's leading us into the home of a bunch of killer beasts.

This is some sweet vacation spot."

~Feylis Ardele, Requiem for a Rogue


"Sir." All business again, Jag stood, saluted, and left.

When the door closed behind him, Tycho said, "That was interesting."

"He deliberately countermanded one of my orders," Wedge said.

"He was furtive."

Wedge nodded. "Sneaky, even."

"We'll make a Rebellion-style pilot out of him yet."

~Tycho Celchu and Wedge Antilles, about Jagged Fel, Rebel Dream


"Restraining myself so you could keep up with me left me plenty of time for intellectual pursuits. I also composed a symphony and drafted a plan to bring peace to the galaxy."

~Tycho Celchu to Wes Janson,
Starfighters of Adumar


"Tycho took a long breath. "Well, I can be them probably as well as I can be you. And of course, you can be you better than I can be you. But if you're them and I'm you, everyone is thinking outside the box. "

~Tycho Celchu to Wedge Antilles,
Rebel Dream


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