Ali's Credit Page

No matter how arrogant they are, no one who has created a page can claim to have done it all on their own. These are simply a few of the many, many sites that have inspired, entertained, or educated me over the years. They deserve your support, and I encourage you to visit them if you have a chance.

If you want a well-run site with a fresh take on Star Wars, Echo is the way to go. They publish the e-mag, and also host such perennial fan faves as and

Echo Station

Imperial Center is web design at it's best. Innovative and polished, here I saw the way a central theme is essential in creating a coherent page. Imperial Center will always be among my favorites because of its finesse and superb original graphics.

Imperial Center

Yag D'hul is the site that made Star Wars alive to me. As I stumbled over the details of my fanfic, I was amazed by how much I didn't know. Iris seemed to know everything, and I have followed her example widely in my own work. I will always be grateful to her because she gave me the Rogue Squadron symbol.

Yag D'hul Station

I love Star Wars Database because it is simply the best comprehensive site going. It is technically flawless, creative, knowledgable, and accurate. Also, the site is updated daily and always has something intellegent to say.

SW Database

There have been many, many other pages and people who have helped me. Unfortunately, I cannot mention them specifically here. Windy's backgrounds are always superb, and although not used on this page, have been endlessly helpful on my other pages.

Thank you to all my friends, who have listened to me whine, kick, scream, and generally hate all things computer/sw related.

Lizzie, you're the one who started this whole blasted mess. Therefore, I get to gleefully blame my current insanity on you! You know better than anyone else how many hours I've forced you to debate endless moot points (Wes's recalcitrance, the personal vehicles hanger, and just when I get to read books), how many times you've rescued me when I can't quite stand it anymore (Damon's time!!), and you alone get to observe my moments of stunning mental clarity(yes, my hand is currently attached to my body). POTATOES!!!!!!

My fellow Pajamahead, who has patiently explained to me the more...obscure...graphix concepts, and who has been forced to endure blue hair, proofreading, my (occassionally) one-track mind, comic books, and cheese fits.

J.B., you don't even LIKE star wars... what are you doing still hanging around with me? Oh, i guess it must just be my stellar personality. Truly, though, you are always supportive, and even if you are a bit telepathic, i love ya anyway.

Dee, where would i be without my conscience? Oh, yeah... i guess i would be sitting in front of the computer at three in the morning making evil remarks about accident survival traits. Oops.

Jenn-Jenn, romance novels, babe. Romance novels. They're an unappreciated art form.

Who am i leaving out? Grinder, my slightly tempermental computer... how can a machine have sooo much personality?

So, basically, guys, thanks for being there.