The Poor Fan’s Guide to Rebellion History:

The Landmarks in Three Days (Or Less)

Prologue: The Tour Guide's Spiel


It is increasingly hard in these turbulent times to secure reliable transportation across the galaxy, and to be able to afford accommodations in the more upscale planetary hotels with swimming pools and continental breakfasts. The shrewd traveler will notice that the Poor Fan’s Guide offers none of those things. This is what separates the Poor Fan’s Guide from the Ridiculously Wealthy Fan’s Guide. Yes, the RWFG does offer a complete historical journey, and traces the growth of the Rebellion, including political landmarks, battlefields and pit stops, from beginning to end, but one must take into consideration that the better part of the Rebellion’s official actions consisted of fleeing from the evil Galactic Empire and hiding, which makes for compelling history, yes, but a rather repetitive and unsettling Tour.

So it’s best just to admit that you’re a Poor Fan and get on with it.  At least that has always been the Guide’s philosophy.

Let us begin our journey.  The major attractions are highlighted for convenience, or for those of you who only skim things anyway.

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