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Memories: The Musical

*As sung to "I'll Be There for You", by The Rembrandts*
*Please note the disclaimers following the song.*

So who'da thought your life was gonna be this way.
You bump into an Imp, you got to run away.
And now you're living in some frozen base.
With Antilles on your wing and Janson up gettin' in your face.
They'll be there for you (when the warrants come out)
They'll be there for you (Hobbie's always about)
They'll be there for you (so take that TIE on out.)

You're training all these kids, but still the best around.
Living under house arrest; that spy has to be found.
What's all this talk about your bank account?
If they'd just let you take the stand, you'd plan to straighten all this out.
At least--
They're still there for you (Wedge wants to resign)
They're still there for you (Corran got you in this bind)
They're still there for you (But Erisi's the spy.)

Just when you thought its over, handed the squadron over
Here come these brand new scarhead foes
Tryin' to take control here.
So you're a traffic cop now. Get Wedge thinkin' outside the box now.
Wes just shows up to help now,
Find Hobbie and you just might make it through.

Now Winter says she's got to disappear,
And Kuat's under siege, you need to help the fleet prepare.
They'll be there with you (no more worlds gonna fall)
They'll be there with you (time to blast skips apart)
They'll be there with you (they've got nothing else to do.)

They'll be there for you
They'll be there for you
They'll be there for you
'Cause Rogues always pull through.

February 02, 2003


As always, this parody intends no copywrite infringement on the Rembrandts or the "Friends" franchise.

Second, the song was written according to the extended version (NOT the one you hear on Thursday nights). If you would like to hear my copy, please contact me at,and we will arrange a file transfer.

Lastly, this was written from Tycho's point of view, and loosely based on conclusions I'd reached while writing "Memories." Among other things, it involved a low-lying tension between Tycho and Wes that originated in Tycho's Imperial ties. I also extended the song's storyline into the NJO, although I tried to avoid any spoilers. For those of you who may be confused by certain references--IT'S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT. HURRY UP AND FINISH READING THE BOOKS!

Thanks! Hope you liked it!


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