In Other Words...


Okay, I have to confess; even I have no idea what prompted me to get into the parody business. Perhaps I've listened to my Weird Al tape one too many times....

In all seriousness, though, I have to give major props to Dave Phillips and R. Lee Brown over at Echo Station. When I first started looking for Rogue Squadron on the Web (actually, the day that I discovered Dark Horse had XWRS), I clicked onto their parody of Madonna's "Vogue" (the link will appear once I dig it up and secure Echo's permission in the matter :P). To this day, I end up singing a combination of the original and the "true" version.

So, in the grand tradition of enthusiasts everywhere, allow me to present:


You and Me and a Bothan Makes Three

I Wanna Shoot

Hal Horn's Son

Wraith's Song (Untitled)

Memories: The Musical

Please note that at no point to I claim to have written or attempted to infringe on the original artists' rights. Also note that I do not claim to have written anything good or guaranteed to be funny. All I freely admit to is amusing myself (no, it's not difficult; please don't rub it in).



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